State-of-the-art image guidance for a broad spectrum of minimally-invasive interventions

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Experience a 360° fullscreen tour with MIYABI Angio-CT

See a Hybrid suite equipped with MIYABI Angio-CT in the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.


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Discover the broad range of configuration possibilities of MIYABI Angio-CT in a single or dual-room solution here.

Monitor response and personalize treatment

Artis Q and SOMATOM Definition Edge with Artis table

Get started with this affordable all-rounder

a single-room solution with Artis zee, SOMATOM Emotion 16 slice, and Artis table

Covering a broad spectrum of routine and complex interventions

with the Artis zee, Artis table, and SOMATOM Definition AS 20 Open
in a single room

Monitor response and personalize treatment with functional imaging

dual-room Artis zee, Artis table with SOMATOM Definition Edge
and CT table

Get surgical with the Artis zeego and SOMATOM Definition Edge

and Maquet Magnus surgical tables in a dual-room configuration
and CT garage

Taking hybrid to the next level

Artis zeego and SOMATOM Definition Edge with Artis table

Save time in stroke care – perform diagnosis and intervention in one room

with the Artis Q biplane, SOMATOM Definition Edge, and an Artis table

MIYABI Angio-CT – unique features & benefits

The powerful interplay of a Sliding Gantry CT and an angiography system lets you expand what you can do – from interventional oncology to stroke and trauma cases

Flexible room setup

MIYABI Angio-CT can be configured for single-room or dual-room use. In a dual-room setup, one CT may serve two rooms, so you can better deal with high case volumes and a multidisciplinary workload

Full Angio and CT control at the table and near real-time 3D CT intervention

Remote control unit to operate the CT without having to leave the patient

  • iControl – Remote control unit
  • Adaptive 3D Intervention Suite

Whole-organ perfusion CT imaging

Quantitatively assess treatment response in oncology and salvagable tissue in stroke cases

  • Adaptive 4D Spiral (smart and flexible 4D coverage from 2 cm–16.7 cm)
  • syngo.CT Neuro Perfusion
  • syngo.CT Body Perfusion and syngo.CT Dynamic Angio

TwinBeam Dual Energy

Explore Dual Energy iodine images with TwinBeam

Easy registration

Use only two fluoro shots for syngo 2D/3D Fusion to overlay image information from CT on live fluoro

  • Artis with PURE
  • syngo Fusion Package

Vascular guidance without breathing artifacts

Overlay vascular anatomy on live fluoro

  • syngo 3D Roadmap

Target with confidence

Procedure planning including automated target lesion segmentation and feeder vessel detection

  • syngo Embolization Guidance

Easy interplay between angiography and CT

Easy registration and fusion between angiography and CT data for reliable roadmapping and embolization guidance enabled by Artis with PURE

Switching modalities while keeping the patient on the same table

Whenever treating a patient requires the combination of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and angiography, the transfer from one modality to another includes risks and costs time. MIYABI Angio-CT combines angio and CT imaging without the need for patient transfer.

  • Fast and easy switching between CT and angio imaging as the sliding gantry of the CT system approaches the Artis- or OR-table on rails
  • Potential to increase safety of e.g. trauma patients as MIYABI Angio-CT requires no patient repositioning from diagnostics to therapy
  • In a one-room solution the SOMATOM sliding gantry CT is added to the angio suite
  • In a two-room solution angio and CT suite are connected through sliding doors  

Make routine cases easier and complex cases possible

MIYABI Angio-CT is a solution that supports interventionalists where challenges cannot be optimally addressed with just one imaging modality. The combination of an angiography system with a sliding-gantry CT makes each modality available exactly when it is needed.

Both parts contribute their specific strengths: the angiography in guiding 2D endovascular procedures with higher spatial resolution and the CT in faster 3D guidance and higher soft-tissue contrast. With MIYABI Angio-CT, routine cases become easier and potentially faster – and you can take on more challenging cases.

  • Less problematic, quicker, and easier needle-catheter-based interventions
  • Reliable roadmaps free of motion artifacts for catheter-based procedures requiring vascular guidance
  • Time saving in acute stroke management

 Monitor response and personalize treatment

 “Cone-beam CT has made the IR community aware of the importance of 3D imaging in the Angio suite. Now we must build on both 3D and potential 4D imaging to improve efficacy and safety. We can also begin to tackle the topic of endpoint assessment for interventions. Hybrid Angio-CT suites offer the multimodality imaging tools to address the evolving needs of the interventional radiologist / interventional oncologist going forward.”

Prof. Michael J. Wallace, MD Department of Interventional Radiology, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA

MIYABI Angio-CT not only lets you expand what you can do, it also lets you evaluate what you did – directly, while the patient is still on the table. For minimally-invasive interventional procedures such as transaortic chemo embolization (TACE) or radio frequency ablation (RFA), MIYABI Angio-CT lets you start exploring the topics of treatment response assessment and reliable endpoint determination.
Bringing functional imaging into your interventional suite, MIYABI Angio-CT offers valuable information for personalizing treatment for each individual patient.

  • Whole-organ perfusion CT for immediate clues about treatment response
  • Adaptive 4D Spiral technology for flexible coverage from 2-16.7 cm
  • Body Perfusion for in-depth quantitative assessment of a tumor’s viability
  • Dual Energy imaging delivers quantitative iodine maps of tumor contrast retention

Increase capacity and avoid complications

Making routine cases easier and complex cases possible, MIYABI Angio-CT not only contributes to an optimized case mix with potentially better reimbursement, it also helps institutions increase their patient throughput. At the same time, it keeps extra costs down – thanks to its low training and space requirements.

In addition, MIYABI Angio-CT may decrease the risk for complications: its excellent targeting capabilities could help avoid undesirable non-target treatment and its design lets you maintain highest hygiene standards.

  • Optimized case mix: making routine cases easier and complex cases possible
  • Low training requirements: combining known modalities
  • Space requirements as low as 5 x 7.5m
  • Water-cooled system and spill-resistant stainless steel rail covers

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